How to grammar check texts

Writing and proofreading on a computer

Writing and proofreading on a computer

Being a writer could be a very rewarding way to make money. Many people are able to earn $1 a word while some are only able to earn one cent per word. Either way, it definitely is a rewarding career that can provide a good income for every article or book that you write. Many writers enjoy this career because they can do it from the coffee shop, restaurant, and simply from their bedroom. It is a wonderful career to have if you enjoy writing for others. Despite writing being a good career, several people find that not having grammar can affect their success. Conducting a grammar check is always vital for every article or book that you submit to your clients. If you not start incorporating good grammar and a proper spelling check, you can potentially lose clients.

Ways to check your writing for grammar mistakes

Your Own Natural Proofreading

Proofreading your work all on your own without any tools is very important. If you use a spell checker or a grammar checker online without doing it on your own, you may miss some ordinary mistakes that a human would notice. To capture those minor mistakes, speak your content out loud to get a sense of how it sounds like. Make sure that you read it out loud quite slowly to get a good feel on whether it flows well and whether it makes sense or not. Speaking it outloud is very powerful to do and is one of the best techniques that big-time writers always use for their biggest and smallest projects.

Read About Grammatical Errors

Researching about different types of mistakes will enable you to succeed in the long run. The truth is that even if you don’t have the experience or the natural knowledge to speak English well, you will find that learning about the language is helpful. Learning can do so much for you than you think. I suggest that you take online quizzes that test you and your ability to speak the English language. You are definitely going to find the process fun and educating.

Use A Grammar Check Online

Using a grammar check will enable you to capture those hidden mistakes you wouldn’t normally find. The truth is that your grammar may be good, but with just a slight mistake, publishers and requesters can reject or neglect paying you for your work. Having correct grammar is essential to any writer on the market. What is nice about these grammar checkers is the fact that they can detect some pretty small mistakes that you normally wouldn’t find. In fact, you may probably even find small mistakes like this – “You’re” is supposed to be “You Are”. Usually the phrase “you’re” is fine if the content is not formal, but usually the checkers will automatically believe that what you are writing is formal. Either way, it is important to still have some nice human knowledge to see what really is the right type of word to use despite what the checker says.

Use A Spell Checker

There are two different types of checkers: a spell checker and grammar checker. The grammar checker looks for punctuation mistakes and grammatically incorrect usage of words. A spell checker is what you will use to detect the spelling of the article. If the spelling is very bad, then the machine will always outline the mistakes that you have made. The spell checkers are usually more powerful to use than the grammar checkers, but it is still important to watch for incorrect spelling at times made by the system.

Here’s a few nice spelling and grammar checkers online that you can use today:

This wonderful website provides a very easy to use spell checker that anybody can use to help them check their articles. It can scan articles that are thousands of words long, so any length is accepted. Once you implement the article, a new window will show up showing you the different mistakes. It will show each spelling mistake one by one, and then it will allow you to change the mistake or not. It’s a pretty nifty little tool that can be great to use. They also have a grammar checker to make it even sweeter.

This other site is also very good to use. Simply input your article and click on the “ABC” button at the bottom. It will show you with a green underline of any spelling and grammatical mistakes that you may have. It is very easy to use and can be the perfect tool for any beginner. There are no pop up windows at all when you use the tool, so it will be very easy to use. Since the green lines are what show you of your mistakes, it definitely is very rewarding to see the words “There were no grammatical errors found”.

This nice website has a free and paid version that you can download. It is pretty nice to use, and it can be the perfect tool for checking your spelling and grammar. You will need to download the software, but those with very little space on their computer may not be able to download the grammar checker. It is still a wonderful tool and can be the perfect thing to use even if it does require a download. However, the first two websites above should clearly give you the right knowledge needed for checking your articles thoroughly. The best part is that there are no downloads needed.

When you do a spell check online, you will be able to determine what spelling mistakes you’ve made. You can also learn from your mistakes, and you will soon find yourself not in need of a checker at all. Grammar checks can be very useful as well. The best part is that most tools online are already a combination of both. If you find yourself always struggling to give quality content, use any of the tools above. A spelling and grammar check can save you from potential complaints from clients.