How much can you earn as a freelance writer?

This is clearly an interesting question for anybody who wants to pursue the world of freelance writing. Unfortunately there is no answer that is set in stone. The word “freelance” is typically associated with a variable income, which means a writer can make loads of money at a certain time and very little the next. However, there are methods to create some stability, depending on the writing jobs you manage to secure. Various elements will go into how much a writer can actually make, so ultimately you have to ask some difficult questions before attempting to make freelance writing a full time job.

What are your Strong Points?

First and foremost you need to discover what type of articles will suite your style and ability. For newbies this might not always be evident, so it’s recommended to start with content mills. Yes, the rates are bad and the clients aren’t always very friendly, but after taking on a few topics your niche will start to surface. More often than not you will discover that you are better at writing something you never even thought about. However, don’t settle within content mills. As soon as you reach a decent level start looking for private clients who will pay a lot more.

Will you be able to Market your Skills?

Assuming you have established your specialties and can write a decent article, the big success will come down to marketing skills. If you have the finances to use a marketing company then utilize it, because clients aren’t surfing the web to find writers. Instead, they will post jobs and wait for writers to contact them. For those who cannot afford people with experience in the marketing area, there are numerous sites available with great tips on how to create some exposure. Unless you want to keep making very little at content mills, which also tend to dry out after a while, marketing is essential for financial growth.

Are you dedicated enough?

Without a boss to hammer you about showing up on time and reaching a deadline, will you have the discipline to pull through? The 5 working days of the week will turn into 7 and leaving work at 5 o’clock will become 11 o’clock at night. This isn’t meant to sound scary or even intimidating, but if you are starting out then this is what it will take to make a living. The beauty of this option means that you won’t be limited to a set amount at the end of the month. You can make money hourly, daily, weekly, monthly or even annually. The best part is that you can make as much as your dedication will allow you to make.

Learn about the Online World

It is typically expected for writers to know the tricks of the trade. These include using WordPress platforms and writing articles with an optimal keyword density in order to get high search engine rankings. If the latter didn’t make sense to you then take the time to learn about how the online world works. It will help you to market yourself in addition to establishing a good reputation. The internet changes constantly and you will only better your chances of generating an income when you keep yourself updated with these changes.

Where to start looking for Writing Jobs?

This is probably the easiest question in terms of the rest. A simple Google search will provide numerous sites where jobs are available. Sites like are great for increasing your income because they show you a lot of things you probably wouldn’t even have considered. In essence there are various jobs available, but there are even more writers willing to do the job. After finding a couple of sites that post legitimate work opportunities you have to use those skills as a writer and sell yourself. A lot of well-paying magazines post freelance work along with personal blog owners who need to create some traffic with good content. Visit these sites often and make peace with the fact that some of them only pay some time after you have delivered the article.

How does Payment for Freelance Writing Work?

If you are lucky you will find a private client who is willing to either pay the full amount before you write the article, or at least half of the amount. However, in the freelance world you can expect all kinds of payment methods. Content mills typically pay directly after the article has been accepted while other sites offer a revenue deal which can lead to a passive income. Quick payments usually result in lower rates while clients who pay extremely well can take days, weeks or even months to make a payment. For those who are capable of great marketing, there are clients who pay well, quickly and provide a substantial amount of work.

How to Earn with Freelance Writing?

Like mentioned before, there are numerous ways to go about earning. Ebooks, blogs, adverts, content mills, private clients, these can all lead to a passive income or once off payment depending on the situation. If you would like to publish an Ebook then expect to wait for money, given that it sells enough. Every aspect of freelance writing will have its share of advantages and disadvantages when it comes to making money.

What to Avoid?

Keep in mind not all clients are willing to pay. There are a considerable amount of job offers, but many of them are scammers who will gladly steal your work. If possible, always ask for some kind of deposit. You will quickly develop your senses when it comes to fake clients and trust your senses, especially when the offer is somewhat outrageous and full of promises.


If you can get your priorities straight and work with a plan from the beginning then you can earn a substantial amount of money. Apart from just being financially rewarding it can be emotionally rewarding as well if it’s something you are passionate about. With all the resources currently available for marketing and finding writing jobs, it makes the beginning a lot easier for newbies. Although, this doesn’t mean that building a career will come quick and easy. There is nothing quite like paying the bills and going on holiday by means of writing and it’s definitely possible when you work hard enough.

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